An Evolving Story-Meet the Halls

29 September 2016
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We love hearing our clients talk about Evolution. It's personal stories that explain the "why" of what we do. We build healthy, warm houses so people can live well.

Many people in Queenstown will recognize Steve Hall, principle of Wakatipu High School, and Sally, who sits on the Board of Trustees for Shotover Primary School. They moved back to Queenstown in 2014 with their three sons, Trent, Chris and Stefan and built an Evolution because a warm house was a top priority.

Q: What type of heating do you have?
The overall home heating we have is the Aerothermal Inverter Heatpump - this heats the water that runs through the pipe system within the concrete floor. As our home faces due North, we can maximise sunlight thermal heat generation which is stored in the concrete floors during the day and released at night.

Q: How warm do you keep your house in winter?
Our home runs the Heatpump off a thermostat set at a minimum of 23°C in the living space, 19°C in the bedrooms and 20°C in the bathrooms. With the high sunlight hours, and using the thermostat system efficiently, it means that the Heatpump kicks in only when required – as a boost. This means we can take advantage of off peak power rates. We have no need for thermal backed curtains, fireplace or additional heating sources.

Q: How does it feel in the summer?
Our house in summer is incredible. The house has been designed so we can cross ventilate the main living spaces to dissipate surplus heat.

Q: What do you like most about your home?
That we have been able to incorporate renewable energy sources within the design of our home, that it is quiet, warm, effective and inviting to be in – everything you want for a family home.

Q: Why did you choose to build an Evolution?
We were on a tight deadline and needed to have the project managed and completed on time for the boys to start the new school year. Rilean and their team were fantastic! Throughout the build, we were kept informed of progress, sent photos and I felt I could make informed decisions on various aspects of build. They also kept within the budget we set and worked within the time-frame required.

Q: Would you be willing to tell us what your power bill was for last month or on average during the winter?
2014:- a mild winter – (May – Aug inclusive) $190.50/ month
2015:- a cold winter – (May – Aug inclusive) $258.25/ month
2016:- a wet winter – (May – Jul inclusive) $274/ month

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