Christchurch Home Show 2017

31 October 2017
Posted by: Evolution
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The Christchurch Home Show that took place in Horncastle Arena between 13-15, October was characterized by steady foot traffic, insightful questions and a generally well-informed public.

It was a pleasure for Trevor Meikle, Director of Rilean Construction Canterbury, and Annabelle Numaguchi, Marketing Coordinator of Rilean Construction Central Otago, to converse with visitors.  Perhaps because the region has been collectively working towards the re-build of the city, people seemed generally well educated on the benefits of building to standards surpassing the minimum code.  There is an established understanding of why its worth investing more upfront to live in a healthy, warm, dry house and save on running costs while increasing the value of the home.

This informed attitude manifested itself in insightful questions, which Trev and Annabelle relish discussing.  Trev is in the process of building a high-performance home for his family in Westmoreland Heights, which will be used as a Show Home through early 2018 and participate in the Superhome Movement Exemplar Tour featuring Homestar-rated houses in May. 

trevs house

He enjoyed sharing the working drawings as a means of illustrating our superior methods for addressing airtightness and ventilation and other efficient and sustainable practices, like the inclusion of gray-water recycling, solar batteries and implementing a Construction Waste Management program to significantly reduce landfill refuse.

Trev has been building in Christchurch since Rilean opened offices in 2011.  He has secured a strong reputation  for excellent service and achieving success on challenging sites, particularly steep hills where he has relied on his decades of experience in building in Queenstown.

Launching Evolution through the Canterbury office feels official now that he has had a chance to introduce the brand at the Home Show.  There was much interest in the upcoming Show Home he is building and he plans on seeing many return visitors there.  Trev has also made it public that he will share the working drawings of the home to anyone who wishes to build the same.

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