Evolution guarantees a Homestar™ rating of 6 or higher. Why this matters.

22 March 2016
Posted by: Annabelle Numaguchi and Evolution
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Evolution guarantees a Homestar™ rating of 6 or higher. Why this matters.

Building with Evolution means your home is guaranteed a minimum rating of 6 on the internationally-recognized Homestar™ scale. Here’s why that’s important.

This reflects that your home is drier, warmer and healthier to live in than an average house built to minimum code. Homestar™ Rating of 6 means the house benefits from increased insulation and is thermally-modeled. It also means there’s good moisture control and efficient use of heating, lighting and appliances.

Next, this rating reflects wise water usage, thanks to efficient fittings and appliances and the harvesting of rain water. We don’t currently pay rates towards water usage, but the need to assess “the potential reduction in water usage as a result of metering” is one of the stated reasons on the Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) website for installing 500 water meters at randomly selected homes throughout the Wakatipu in 2015.

Last, this rating reflects an effort made towards sustainability. Recycling and composting count as well as managed waste for the construction site. This means the home is both good for you and good for the community you live in.

And a house you want to live in is a house others will want to live in too. The added benefit to a desirable Homestar™ rating is marketability. Realestate.co.nz published in December 2014, insulation and sun orientation outweigh other factors for almost 90% of New Zealanders.

The report explains, “This shows the real-life performance of a home, rather than cosmetic features, is increasingly crucial…Kiwis who are considering selling their homes believe it’s worth upgrading performance – 88% think energy-efficient features have the potential to attract a price premium.”

Building to New Zealand minimum code is no longer enough as homeowners increasingly demand efficiency in their homes on par with those in the northern hemisphere. Where most Kiwi homes only rate between 2-4 on the Homestar™ rating, a demand for residences that rate 6 or higher is ever increasing. New Zealand has a right to feel pride in its hardiness and resourcefulness, but the days of accepting a poorly performing home are gone.

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