An Evolving Story - Meet Kati and Phil

20 April 2017
Posted by: Evolution
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In 2015, Kati and her partner, Phil, built an energy-efficient home with Evolution in Quail Rise, a suburb of Queenstown.  They now have a new baby, Rufus, and one of the best features of their family home is the warm floors for the new bub to crawl on.

What type of heating do you have?
Heating-hydronic underfloor-worth every penny.  We enjoy the even heat through the house.  Everything feels warm winter and summer, including the toilet seat :-)

How warm do you keep your house in winter?
Winter indoor temperature is set for 21 degrees in the living areas and 18 in the bedrooms. This has worked well for us.

How does the house feel in summer?
With passive solar gain the house can feel warm so we take advantage of the natural cross ventilation the clever design provides for. The windows and french doors will generally be open.

What do you like most about your home?
This is a tough choice as the house has so many good features. I love the simplicity and functionality of the layout and the indoor outdoor flow. All of the sustainable features such as solar hot water, rain water collection tank and passive solar gain play a huge part, but the main thing-so easy to overlook, is the warmth. You end up taking it for granted!

Would you be willing to share your power bills?
Our power bills in the summer average between $70-$90/ month and in the winter about $200, especially if we need to boost the solar-hot water.  When the sun does shine in the winter, we still get free hot water.

Lastly, could you please provide a photo of you and the family in front of the house?  
We were so happy to be able to build an evolution home, it is hard to believe we moved in 3 years ago! We love the house design and the quality of the included features. The workmanship and finishes are first class, and of course the service Rilean provided was great too. In the years gone our needs have changed as the family has grown. The house is so well designed and set up that it has accommodated those changes easily: Monty, the energetic dog loves the space! And Rufus, the 8 month old enjoys the big windows, the salt and pepper finish on the concrete and room to manoeuvre around.

We enjoy a wonderful, warm family home. 

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