An Evolving Story - Meet the Molloys

31 March 2017
Posted by: Evolution
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Ray Molloy has a long standing passion for protecting the environment, evidenced in his work as Wakatipu Biodiversity Assets Ranger for the Department of Conservation.  He and his family built an Evolution energy-efficient home in Lake Hayes Estates, Queenstown, in 2013.  He shares their experience of being able to create a comfortable environment to live in without compromising his values of protecting our shared natural environment.

Q: What do you like most about your home?

Like most Evolution homeowners, we love the even temperature through the house in winter; no freezing back rooms and the thermal gain from the sun keeps heating bills low.

Q:  What type of heating do you have?

We have underfloor aerothermal (a heatpump runs the underfloor pipes).

Q:  How warm do you keep your home in winter?

 We maintain ours to around 22c°, which we find comfortable.

Q:  How does your home feel in summer?

We have not installed the fan assisted radiator, but it’s pre-wired & plumbed to run from the heat pump.  It’s to act as a quick heat up unit or cooling in summer. We prefer just opening the place up and enjoying the summer air.

Q:  Why did you choose to build an Evolution?

Evolution was the first local company to have proven experience in this type of air tight build with a list of satisfied clients and staff whom we could trust.

Q:  How do power bills in your Evolution compare with those in previous homes?

Well, our power bill is up a bit from last year, but we did treat ourselves to a spa /hot tub, but even with the tub the bills are still well under bills we have had from other properties we have lived in. I have recently adjusted the time for spa heating so bills may come down a bit yet.

In 2016, we average $220/month for the three coldest months of the winter and in 2015, it was $175.  In fact, for the year of 2015, which had one of the coldest winters on record, we averaged under 15kwh/day, which is exceptionally good.

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