Sunny Days Ahead for Solar Power

19 March 2016
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The news is full of stories on solar power these days. Not only is it a hot topic fuelled by extreme weather and climate change, but also the paradigm of energy usage is shifting.

Solar power used to be considered costly and alternative. Thanks to developments in technology, and more importantly, production en masse, using this free, abundant energy source is becoming mainstream.

The number of installed systems in New Zealand has tripled in the last 18 months, according to a report by Electricity Networks Association published on RadioNZ in June 2015.

Choosing to use this renewable energy is easy. Keeping up with the options of how to tap into this renewable energy is more challenging. The energy is clean, green, abundant and free. Who doesn’t want that?

Sadly, there are people who still shy away from this option and for many reasons, some valid, some obsolete. For example, there was a time when solar hot water heaters were known to overheat and overflow, but better technology has long since solved this issue.

A new adage was recently published, “Solar is the new black.” Many people no longer feel the need to obscure the presence of panels on the rooftop, but rather proudly display them. Placing them at optimal angles for efficiency often trumps integrating them for aesthetic reasons.

It’s very difficult to stay on top of the latest advancements in solar powered systems because it’s evolving so rapidly. Unless you have a real passion for the topic and read articles weekly, knowledge and understanding of what’s out there and how it can be used can quickly become redundant.

If you were to quote last year’s statistics today on how many households in New Zealand have incorporated solar into their energy use, you’d be wrong considering how rapidly the number has multiplied in just recent months.

The philosophy at Evolution Series is to promote sustainable living, so we aim to provide relevant information to consumers to help them make good choices towards living in healthy environments. Because we believe in staying on the cusp of environmental building practices, we’re constantly doing research as industries, like solar technology, evolve and we’re keen to share this with the public.

Regardless of how much attention is given to this topic, we are all going to witness big changes. It is exciting to be on the cusp of a dramatic transformation, much like it must have been when the Model T made automobiles affordable and ubiquitous.

Even more exciting is the idea that we can become the solution to our own problem. Leone Greene, head of Solar Trade Association, was quoted in The Telegraph saying:

It is fair to say that the success of solar power has astonished energy analysts over the last five years. The twin stories of climate change and solar power prove that crisis can create opportunity, and on an unprecedented scale. Technically, if solar’s current rate of growth continues, its output could match world power demand in just 18 year’s time.

Whether this prediction proves to be overly optimistic or not, there is little doubt that solar power is fast becoming a mainstream energy source.

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