Your Home Should Act as Smart as It Looks

30 April 2018
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Your Home Should Act as Smart as It Looks

Smart Technology Systems Make Life Easier and Better

Left on vacation and forgot to turn off the oven?  Returning from vacation and want the house to be warm when you walk in?  At work and need to let the plumber in?  Just realized the cat got stuck in the garage? 

These are all familiar scenarios that can now become a part of the past, much like waiting by the answering machine for an important message.  Today’s smart home technology allows occupants to control a host of features from anywhere in the world on their phone or computer.

Smart home technology is a digital system that controls the operational features of the house to make it safer, easier and more efficient.  These features include setting and monitoring alarms, turning on and off appliances and optimizing the performance of heating and cooling systems, including optimizing the free power of passive solar and shading by controlling blinds and how much sunlight enters the home.

Imagine this scenario: your neighbour emails you that they’ve spotted a leak while you’re vacationing in Mexico.  Assuming there is internet connectivity, you don’t even need to put down your Corona to arrange for a plumber and let him in.

Continue the scenario to understand how a smart home optimizes the use of appliances.  

Instead of dreading a freezing, unoccupied home upon your return from bathing in the Aztec sun, you can set your heat pump to kick in several hours before your return.  Your home warms up gradually rather than being cranked up, which uses far more energy. 

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Keeping intruders away from your home while you’re enjoying fish tacos by the sea is easier as you can automate your lights to turn off and on at varying times, rather than a set timer that is easy to discern.  And fire risk is decreased when the smoke alarms are synchronized to a system that alerts the fire department, which takes on added significance if you and your loved ones are at home.

All these features would have sounded like sci-fi a decade ago, but they are now becoming increasingly common as new homes are fitted out with smart technology.  The savings that are achieved by maximizing the efficiency of appliances and heating quickly offset the cost of such a system, which runs between $500-$3,500.

According to the Econx* website, a typical 4-bedroom modern home with two bathrooms, two heat pumps and electric water heating, located in Christchurch, could experience savings of $1,084.80 or around 36% over ten months.  Imagine the savings when the home benefits from increased insulation and airtightness as well as superior window joinery and thermal mass, like the homes we build at Evolution do.

This technology is such an effective aid in maximizing the efficiency of an eco-friendly home, including solar panels, that we at Evolution have fitted them out to most of our homes in the last couple of years.

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A home built by Evolution, a division of Rilean Construction, in Jack's Point, Queenstown

If you’d like a closer look, visit our new Show Home in Christchurch which controls the following:

  • Automation and security system:
  • Integrated alarm system with wired smoke detectors
  • Hot water control
  • Exterior light control (dusk/dawn timed)
  • Heat pump control
  • Heated towel rails-timed control
  • Home/away mode (turn off interior light and unessential power circuits)
  • Garage Door control


*Disclaimer: we are not representative nor do we benefit from the sales of this particular Smart Home System.  We endorse it as the system we are most familiar with and with which we have had successful outcomes.

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