What makes an Evolution different to most homes?

Our homes are warmer, drier, healthier and a wise investment. We achieve this by using a holistic approach to constructing energy-efficient homes that are extremely comfortable to live in, use fewer resources to run and will stand up to the test of time.  

Our homes benefit from increased insulation, Proclima's vapour check layer (Intello) and exterior wrap (Solitex), superior products, solar energy and clever design.  

For a fuller description of the benefits & features of Evolution homes, click here.  

How much money will I save by living in an Evolution?


The following graph was compiled by actual Evolution homeowners who documented their energy use during Winter 2015 (one of the coldest on record):





Winter 2015


Heat Source

Secondary Heat Source

Speargrass Flats

(Homestar™ 6*)




Underfloor heatpump

45kg gas (cooking and fireplace) lasts 13 months

Lake Hayes Estate




Ducted heat pump


Shotover Country




Underfloor heatpump



The house in Lake Hayes Estate (the Manuka design) has averaged $1200/year in electricity bills since 2011. 



How much do Evolution homes cost?

The cost of building in Queenstown and in Christchurch fluctuates rapidly that we can give more accurate estimates individually, depending on site location, topography and whether you prefer a bespoke home or one of our seven Inspired Designs.  

For example, building in the exclusive Jack’s Point subdivision includes added costs for consideration of guidelines.


Our buying power through Rilean with national suppliers gives us the ability to make the costs of our homes competitive. Then factor in solar power, water heating, 150mm thick walls, increased insulation and high specification windows as standard features and this makes our fixed price quote sound even more value-oriented.


To get a tailored estimate for the type of home you want to build, call Adam (Queenstown) at (03) 442-3484.  


You can also email us: enquiries@evolutionsales.co.nz.


We’re happy to have a chat and supply you with any information you want, with no obligation. 



Who's behind Evolution?


Rilean Construction launched Evolution in 2010 recognizing the need to build better homes suited to the climate.  For more than 20 years, Rilean has demonstrated a commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and sustainability.


Rilean has won numerous awards in residential and commercial construction and belongs to the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC). We are a company committed to sustainable practices and construction.



Would Evolution homes rate on the NZGBC  Homestar™ scale?


Yes, they can be.  We can advise you in the selections stage.  Our staff includes a certified Homestar™ Practitioner, who can give you  advice on incorporating high performance features into your design and ideas.


A standard Evolution is designed to achieve the minimum requirements for the Energy, Health & Comfort credits for a 6 Homestar rating, which increases the return on the initial investment of building beyond the minimum code.  

Homestar™ works on a star rating system 6-10, which indicates thermal efficiency, wise water usage and increased comfort while using fewer resources. 



How energy-efficient are Evolution homes?

We consult with independent building science experts.  Modelling data shows that the homes are generally 60% more energy-efficient than modern homes built to the minimum New Zealand code. Independent engineers perform a Blower Door Test, recording the air-change-per-hour (ach) that reflect how draft-free, or airtight, the home is.  


I see all Evolution homes are made airtight. What does this mean?


Airtightness in a home is required to reduce the amount of air leakage and should not be confused with ventilation. Our homes are wrapped with Proclima's Intello, an airtight moisture control membrane, that reduces unwanted air leakage and, with well fitted insulation, reduces power consumption dramatically. 


MODEL+exteriour wall with Proclima

Cross section of an Evolution exteriour wall


For example, a thick jersey in winter works really well until the wind picks up; add a breathable wind breaker and you have ultimate protection and warmth. The same principle applies to our homes.



Can we use our own architect or concept plans?

Yes, absolutely.  Evolution offers a comprehensive method to building an energy-efficient home that can be adapted to any plan or design.


Can Evolution homes help with asthma?

The Asthma Foundation has recognised that, amongst other things, mould spores, formaldehyde and cold temperatures in a house could trigger an asthma attack. When combined with proper occupancy behaviour, our homes minimize the chance of mould, reduce formaldehyde and improve temperature, all of which could assist with the treatment of asthma.

More information on how a well built home contributes to cleaner air and fewer respiratory problems can be found in the article "Spring is in the Air...Can Your Home Help You Breathe Better?"


How can I find out more?

Please call us at (03) 442-3484 or email enquiries@evolutionseries.co.nz

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